Data Privacy

While providing services in an environment where network, data and physical security conditions are provided at the highest level, necessary updates are made regularly.


SSL, which is used in login servers, ensures the safe transfer of data between our users and the system by being encrypted.

User Passwords

Users are expected to create strong passwords. Users are responsible for the confidentiality of passwords.

Data Sharing

We are committed to protecting data privacy within the framework of our user agreement. Together with our business partners, we offer value-added services to our users.

Data Backup

Your data is backed up daily against possible technical problems and each backup is kept for 2 weeks.

Your data is stored on Gir-in servers

Your data is kept on Gir-in servers in the cloud. Thus, even if your computer is broken, stolen or lost, your data remains completely safe.

For the security of your data:


Set passwords that no one can guess. Do not leave your password in written form where others can see it, and do not share it with anyone.